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Thứ Năm, ngày 16 tháng 2 năm 2012

Taniguchi Mihiro

Mihiro was born in Niigata prefecture on May 19, 1982. She began a career as a softcore nude model as early as May 2001 when her video Dream (どりーむ) was released followed by the publication of the similarly named photobook Dream (夢) in August 2002. She appeared in a number of other softcore nude modeling videos and photobooks over the next year and a half. Mihiro also acted in softcore V-Cinema productions during this time including the January 2004 movie Heisei Sekuhara Bushidou directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu.She was also featured as a singer in a J-Pop Maxi single titled Sunflower (ヒマワリ) for Dream Robot in October 2004.

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